Infrared Heat Therapy for Children with Autism

Infrared Heat Therapy for Children with Autism

Infrared Heat Therapy for Children with Autism

Per Sunlighten Sauna Today autism affects one in 68 children, and this number continues to grow at a staggering rate. While there’s no cure for autism, those on the autism spectrum can still live happy and fulfilling lives by finding methods that help to cope with anxiety, sensory issues, sleeping disorders and other related challenges. Sunlighten saunas increase blood flow, which weakens the body’s hold on environmental toxins and reduces inflammation caused by viral exposure. This safe and relaxing approach for children to detoxify at the cellular level is often sought after by both parents and health care providers of those on the autism spectrum.


Heavy metals such as mercury, lead, copper, and cadmium have been identified in many children on the autism spectrum.  These heavy metals are known to negatively affect the metabolic detoxification pathways in the body and impair its ability to excrete these toxins. These metals are described as heavy because they hang around in the body, especially hiding out in adipose tissue (fat cells). They are difficult to get rid of, making them like fat-soluble toxins. Body fat tries to protect the organs by trapping certain substances inside, including some metals, which cause them to linger. The body naturally tries to rid itself of toxins, at the cellular level, through the liver and kidneys as waste. When the body is unable to naturally detox these heavy metals, there can be a disconnect in normal day to day functions.

Sunlighten saunas emit far infrared energy. Far infrared has the longest wavelength and reaches deeper into the body where toxins are stored. When the FIR reaches the deep tissue, it agitates the cells, causing them to release toxins, resulting in a deep detoxifying sweat.

The proprietary heater design of our Sunlighten sauna produces virtually NO EMF, or electromagnetic fields, that can be harmful to your body in large doses. The panels are heat-sealed, meaning no wires or glues are used, there is no release of unhealthy gases during heating.


There are many benefits to music therapy. From a child’s perspective, music is fun, soothing, and non-threatening. It recruits both hemispheres of the brain to help stabilize thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

We’ve learned from families who have children within the autism spectrum, that Acoustic Resonance Therapy makes a relaxing impact by combining sound and vibration to balance the brain waves and bring the body to an even deeper state of relaxation. Acoustic Resonance Therapy has been shown to significantly reduce stress, improve mood, and enhance creativity, communication and problem-solving capabilities with children on the spectrum. Not only will children benefit from relaxing, they will learn how to self-sooth as they feel the music vibrate throughout their body.


Roughly half of all children with autism suffer from sleep disorders such as insomnia. Trouble sleeping can worsen behaviors and lead to other developmental and health issues.

Many children suffer from achy  muscles do to the build up of lactic acid within their muscle joints. Lactic acid commonly builds up in muscles after a workout, or intense playing.  But for some children, lactic acid is not reabsorbed into the body causing the feeling of “creepy crawlies” or the need for their muscles to be massaged. This discomfort makes it hard for some children to relax and prepare for their nighttime routines. Far infrared increases blood circulation throughout their bodies, reducing the build up of lactic acid in their joints. Furthermore, far infrared provides a soothing, gentle heat and a calming environment to reduce stimuli and induce relaxation for better sleep.


The core body temperature of children rises much faster than adults because their metabolism is higher. Your child will be schedule for 2 minutes of sauna time for every year of age. For example, 6 years old = 12 minutes of sauna time.

It is important to hydrate before and after each sauna session and replenish the moisture lost through detoxification. While it is common for people to sweat during sessions, not everyone sweats.  Since children start out with lower minutes, when their bodies start to glisten and glow, they are actively detoxing.