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Cryofacial With LED Light Therapy

A safe & effective combination of Cryotherapy with LED Light Therapy proven to aid in the elimination of bacteria, reduction of inflammation, and improvement in the appearance of skin, in only 8 to 10 sessions.

  • Clear Up Acne
  • Prevent Breakouts
  • Reduce Pore Size
  • Diminish Fine Lines & Wrinkles
  • Reverse Signs of Aging
  • Increase Collagen Production

  • Improve Tone & Texture
  • Decrease Puffiness
  • Tighten Skin

What is a Cryofacial?

A Cryofacial rapidly lowers the temperature of the face, scalp, and neck area through a mask and wand applicator. The cold temperature causes blood vessels to contract and pores to tighten. Rejuvenation occurs when skin temperature returns to normal by promoting fresh blood flow, improving skin tone, texture, and cell metabolism, which activates collagen production.

cryofacial & led blue light therapy

cryofacial & led blue light therapy

What is LED Blue Light Therapy?

Blue Light is a color in the visible light spectrum. This wavelength has been shown to exhibit an antimicrobial effect, making it an effective tool in destroying bacteria that collects in pores and causes breakouts of acne.

Cryo +Derma Spray

Derma spray is used in conjunction with the cryo application. It is applied to the face prior to the cryotherapy mask to further enhance results. Cryo +Derma spray is based on the combination of Micellar water, argan oil, and various skin protecting and moisturizing ingredients. Micellar water effectively diminishes conditions such as acne and skin infections by removing debris and oil from the skin. Argan oil soothes, moisturizes and keeps the skin cool even after treatment, which further aids in reducing puffiness.

cryofacial & led blue light therapy

Cryofacial FAQ’s

How long does a Cryofacial session last?

A full session takes approximately 40 minutes. 30 minutes relaxing under the LED blue light followed by the application of a Cryo +Derma booster spray to the face. While the spray absorbs into the skin, a cryotherapy treatment will be applied to the neck and scalp. The session concludes with a Cryotherapy application to the face.

How does the Cryofacial application mask work?

The Cryofacial mask operates by blowing cooled air through a number of small openings inside the mask. The mask is held at a comfortable distance, while the technician monitors skin temperature to ensure cryo-stimulation has been achieved.

How does a blue light session feel?

Relaxing & Invigorating! This non-invasive treatment is pain free. During the session, you may feel some mild warming of the skin as the blue LED light works.